Personal projects

This is a list of projects that I have initiated and maintained.

The most recent (and thus active) come first.

Project Description
MagitThe git client for Emacs
Emacs buildbotA community-based approach to Emacs packages continuous integration
vco-gaevCO Simulator on Google Appengine/Python
vmw.vcoPython bindings for VMware Orchestrator
Twist the MilkA Twisted version of the python API for Remember the Milk
bibtex-pluginA BibTeX plugin for Dokuwiki
Trac-BzrA Trac plugin for using Bzr
(osd) A guile frontend for libxosd
Lispy A chat client again, but this time it is written in emacs-lisp
QNet C++/Qt client for <Mtp> Chat! servers (see below)
Octopus Chat server written in C++/qtlite (Qt clone without graphical interface, created for Octopus) This was inspired by the server written by Fabien Letouzey (Xann/Mtp)
Pascal compiler A compiler written in C for a little subset of the Pascal language. The compiled code runs on a dedicated virtual machine (included) This was done as a project during my studies.
Power4 game A little game written in 8086 assembly code. Graphical or textual interface, basic artificial intelligence.
man/html converter little shell script to convert man pages into html ones.


I regularly take part in the development of a software, when I feel a need for missing features or even just for fun.

Project Role
Kdevelop Former member of the “core team”
Erbot Contributor

Flash Code

In this section stand some pieces of code that are not meant to evolve. They were created mainly to fill a special need, often in very limited time.

Project Description
(ants)A common lisp implementation of a compiler to express ant brains for ICFP 2004
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